Lovely Note From Lexington Pointe Couple

December 21st, 2020

A Lexington Pointe couple sent a lovely note to our Residence Director, Emily K., about the festive decorations around our community:

“Christmas has arrived at Lexington Pointe! The decorations are wonderful. It is a joy to walk the halls, enter the front door, (and) to take it all in! Displays on the shelves of residents’ doors brighten the lives of folks who walk by. Think how wonderful it will be next year when we can join many of the residents for good food and conversation!” – Jan and Jack P.

We know this holiday season will be different, and we’re SO happy to hear that the decorations are still bringing the joy and holiday spirit to our community. Thank you, Jan and Jack, for the kind note!

Lovely note sent to Lexington Pointe's Residence Director from one of our resident couples.